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Docker on macOS without Docker Desktop

After the recent announcement from Docker that Docker Desktop for Mac won’t be free anymore, I tried to find an alternative to run my Docker containers. These are the raw instructions to get it running with Multipass: In the next few days I’ll update this post with a better guide, including screenshots and troubleshooting options.

Part II: ESLint for Markdown

ESLint can be used to validate files other than JavaScript. Markdown is a very good example, because you can apply Prettier rules (eg: ensure consistent formatting) and linting rules (eg: validate that titles are not duplicated). In this post I’m going to assume that you have ESLint+Prettier already working. Linting Markdown First, you need to […]

Part I: ESLint + Prettier

ESLint + Prettier Usually this setup raises two questions: Do you really need prettier and ESLint? Yes, you probably need both. They seems to solve the same problem (but they don’t) and certainly there is some overlap, but the goals are different. As the Prettier docs puts it: use Prettier to enforce a consistent formatting, […]

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